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Concept art of a person with their car crashed in the woods, an imposing silhouette of a stag in the clouds, and an eerie blue light emanating from the forest on the left.

Causeway Studios is an independent game studio nestled in the Ozarks of Northwest Arkansas. We’re making narrative-focused games across a variety of genres, built on a foundation of support, collaboration, and sustainability.

Join us by the campfire, enjoy the glow of the moon, and take your place in our stories from the Worlds Across the Causeway.

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See strange sights
Hear tall tales

And explore the mysterious unknown with us


From the Deep

Return to an ancient monastery on the cosmic shoreline, now mysteriously abandoned. What really happened here? And what stalks you from the shadows? Survive. Uncover secrets. Banish the evil that lurks within.

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Project: Janus

Seven total strangers, a mystical forest village, and a looming antlered figure. This narrative strollplayer is about community, growth, and rediscovering your past.

Walk with us down unbeaten paths
beneath unfamiliar skies into worlds teeming with possibility,
worlds you can touch and turn,
to places you never thought you might go...